RAW Live Event Candids - Kingston, On 2nd March, 2013

CM Punk def. Kofi Kingston

A brief report on Punk’s activities:

One couldn’t help but notice a large proportion of those in attendance were young, boys and girls alike, many who ranged in age from as young as five all the way up.

Of course, there were even some seniors in the audience, including one gentleman beside yours truly who sat silently for much of the evening until CM Punk clearly got under his skin, prompting some jeers from this individual — and cheers for Punk’s opponent, Kofi Kingston.

That match easily stole the show, with Punk, a heel (villain) like few other, mixing it up with the crowd, ripping up signs, picking on those who booed him and eventually showing those in attendance why is the best in the world, as he claims.

Punk, and his match, were the best received of the evening.

To show he meant no ill, this reporter witnessed a short conversation between Punk and an official, who then hand-delivered a ring-worn T-shirt to a young boy in the front row, whose sign Punk had earlier taken. The sign was also returned.

(Source: slam.canoe.ca)